So you want to be part of the MS Paint Adventures community! Or you're just reading this because Andrew linked to it. Or you're reading it because your husband's roommate from back when you went to college has your email address.

Well, you've found the right page! This is the MS Paint Adventures Community Portal, the official tool for finding the places in the community where you can fit in. You're encouraged to jump right in to as many of them as you want—this is just to help you find it all.

Check out the columns for pieces written by community members about all sorts of different topics! And if you think you might be interested in writing for us (even just once or twice) contact xyzzy on the fora and shoot him an idea!

If you see a locked thread, then check the index of whatever forum you're in; we probably just haven't updated this page yet! We'll get that taken care of as fast as possible.


These are columns written by different users about all sorts of different things. They'll update regularly, so check back often! If you want to write something for this section, contact xyzzy on the fora!

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General Discussion

These are places where you can discuss a wide variety of topics unrelated to MSPA; some of them are just for discussing whatever you'd like, and some are more specific.

1. The Chat Thread: This thread is where people go to talk about whatever! Visiting the dentist? Found a cool video on youtube? Like puppies and want to tell us about it? This thread is your thread! There's not any real structure to it; you can continue discussion others start, or you can just start with new stuff.

2. Introduce Yourself: Exactly what it sounds like. Tell us who you are!

3. General Chat: The General Chat forum. All the threads in this section are from there.

4. IRC: #pesterchum on is your place to go for discussion of whatever interests you with the community if you like real-time discussion and cool things like that. If you're looking for an IRC client, try Chatzilla (it's a Firefox plugin) or Pidgin! You can also connect here if you don't feel like finding a client.

5. Pictures You've Taken: Post photos you've taken!

6. School Discussion Thread: Talk about your school or college; what you're learning, where you're considering going, why you want to change your major to superheroism. That sort of thing.

7. Food Discussion Thread: Talk about food! What are you eating? What do you want to eat? Which webcomic artist are you planning on cannibalizing tomorrow?

8. Webcomics Discussion Thread: Talk about webcomics! Which ones do you read?

9. MMO Clans: Find out about playing MMOs with other MSPA fans here!


Do you like making art? Whether it's fan-art for MS Paint Adventures or your own original creations, check these pages for others with artistic endeavors.

1. The Art Forum: Go here for all art topics that don't relate to MSPA.

2. IRC: #pesterlite on Many fan-artists hang out here. If you go here, you are strongly encouraged to also visit #pesterchum.

3. MSPA Fan-Art: For pictures you've drawn of MSPA characters. Keep everything absolutely safe for work; anything even slightly questionable goes in the thread below.

4. Romantic Fan-Art: For anything MSPA-related involving relationships, love, or any kind of romance.

5. Emoticon Thread: Like creating MSPA emoticons? Come here to show off your cool pixelry.

6. Doodle Thread: A thread for your quick sketches and doodles.

7. Art Questions: Want tips on technique? Guides to gradiants? Help with hatching? Come here for answers!

8. Homestuck at Deviantart: Use Deviantart? Throw your MSPA-themed art here!

9. Fan-Art Photobucket Archive: A partial archive of fan-art submitted to the fora.

10. Music You Made: Exactly what it sounds like! Share your musical creations.

11. Creative Writing: Share and comment on writing! Links to blogs are also a good idea, in addition to fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

12. MSPA Fan-Fiction: Wanna share your story about Dave's first mix tape? Wrote a tale of Jaspersprite fighting ninjas? Share it here!

13. Fan Fan-Art: For pictures you draw of other fan-artists!


Do you want to talk about MSPA? Suggest a command? Talk about your ridiculous theories about how the whole story is an analogy comparing different styles of playing games (chess, Sburb, billiards, cards, etc.) relate to the balance between Dionysian and Apollonian beauty? Okay, maybe not that one, but here are some of the best threads for discussion of MS Paint Adventures.

1. Recent Updates Discussion: Discuss what just happened in the comic.

2. IDE/THEORY Thread(ness): Discuss what's about to happen in the comic. This thread's name is ridiculous. But that's okay.

3. MSPA Discussion: This section of the fora is where discussion of the comic is centralized.

4. Suggestion Box: Where suggestions are chosen. This one is probably the least important on this list, though. If you really want to shape the story, be someone rememberable enough in the rest of the fora to influence the shape it takes in other ways.

5. Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer: Come here to ask questions like, "what's Dave's birthday?" or "on what page do we first see John's dad?", rather than making a new thread for them. Someone will answer them, usually simply.

6. Music Discussion: Discuss the music that appears in MSPA.

7. MSPA on Facebook: Become a fan to show all of your "real-life" friends your extremely good taste!

8. Fan Tributes: Videos made to show off awesome things from MSPA in quick succession set to excellent music.


1. MS Paint Adventure Forum Adventures: Come here to read and create your own adventures in the style of MSPA.

2. Favorite Forum Adventures and Fanart: Share your favorite forum adventures and shower them with fanart.

3. General Forum Adventure Chat: Talk about whatever you feel like about your adventures, other people's adventures, ask questions about making them, and so on.

4. Completed Adventures: Adventures which have finally reached Adventurehalla are placed here. There are some great things in here! Don't skip it!

5. Thread of Advertising: Just starting your adventure? Never advertized but would like more readers? Post a blurb! Be interesting!

6. SoFAS: Adventure Snapshots!: A quick visual index of various adventures arranged in a neat little grid. A great way to start if you just want to dive in randomly.

7. Favorite Forum Adventures of the Moment: DEMOCRACY in action! See whats hot, and a bit of whats cool as well.

8. His Scene, Her Style: Fanart daisychain of art trades! A neat little idea where you draw something from the adventure of the person above you in your style.

9. Autumn '09 Awards: See what was nominated and won the community voting and judging process for the best in its class. Tons of great stuff.

10. MSPFA Mirror: A fantastic site created by lolzorine where adventures are archived in a nice MSPA-like shell. A fantastic resource if you don't like scrolling through posts with commands in them.

11. MSPFA Wiki: Read about forum adventures and write and expand articles about the ones you love.


1. MSPA Wiki: Come here to read about ridiculous minutae about the adventures of Andrew Hussie, and finally find out what the big deal was with BRUTESTEAKS.

2. Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Wiki: Come here to read about... hot gods? Granted, not the most useful site on the internet, the SB&HJ wiki is a hilarious read. Please feel free to add to it.

3. MSPFA Wiki: Read about forum adventures and write and expand articles about the ones you love.

4. Grand Battle Wiki: A Grand Battle is, as described by cyber95, "an elimination style fight to the death with words". Can you write the best? Then your character can win in this collaborative battle which takes place in the Roleplay/Collab section of the fora. This wiki outlines information about past Grand Battles.

5. MSPA on TVTropes: TVTropes has a bajillion pages devoted to MSPA; this page is the main one and all the rest follow it.

Roleplaying and Games

Roleplay with other members of the fora and play for a games! Okay, this sounds a lot like your typical forum game section, but when combined with the ridiculousness that is MSPA you get a whole hell of a lot of fun out of it.

1. Roleplaying and Collaboration: Take a more intimate role in the organic storytelling process by entering a character in one of several Role Playing threads or by collaborating with other authors on multi-image collaborative epics.

2. Games: Play in one of the many forum-based games run by members of the community.


Chat with others in real time about the goings-on of MSPA and your life in general!

1. #pesterchum on This is your place to go to for discussing whatever interests you with the community, if you like real-time discussion and cool things like that. If you're looking for an IRC client, try Chatzilla (it's a Firefox plugin) or Pidgin! You can also connect here if you don't feel like finding a client.

2. #pesterlite on A much smaller, tight-knit group that has a slight focus on fan-art (though they're still quite general). It's smaller, but you're of course still free to join in if you want to escape the inanity that can come with #pesterchum.