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07/05/07 - "Do a dance"
07/05/07 - "Proceed to the swamp of mystery."
07/05/07 - "Find a dragon in the swamp of mystery"
07/05/07 - "next"
07/05/07 - "next"
07/05/07 - "Find a dragon in the caverns of Harold."
07/05/07 - "Search for dragons in your immediate vicinity."
07/05/07 - "Take Flothers and Daunchy to dragon concentration camp"
06/28/07 - "Who cares about that, just go kill some dragons"
06/28/07 - "Next"
06/28/07 - "Go somewhere safe and celebrate"
06/28/07 - "Make a run for it"
06/28/07 - "Use a little more discretion for god's (cod's) sake"
06/27/07 - "Shop around as if nothing ever happened"
06/27/07 - "Better get them pieces. Let's hit up Cod Palace"
06/27/07 - "Wait, what are your new servants wearing, exactly?"
06/27/07 - "Codpiece. Check. Servants. Check. Now slay a dragon."
06/22/07 - "Recruit the vagrants as your loyal followers of the codpiece"
06/22/07 - "Bask in your own glory"
06/22/07 - "don the cod piece"
06/22/07 - "Admire your prize"
06/22/07 - "Get the hell out of here!"
06/22/07 - "Grab the cod piece and run"
06/22/07 - "Offer to exchange your hat for the codpiece."
06/22/07 - "Find something that strikes your fancy"
06/22/07 - "Go in"
06/22/07 - "Go to the Codsmith and buy an impressively large codpiece."
06/21/07 - "Next"
06/21/07 - "Go into the meat shop to buy 5 bratwurst"
06/21/07 - "+5 issues of your finest gay porn magazines"
06/21/07 - "What do you recommend?"
06/21/07 - "+5 Extra Large Dragon Corpse Satchels"
06/21/07 - "Buy the armor"
06/21/07 - "+5 Pulchritude"
06/18/07 - "Yeah, go to the smith first and get armor +5"
06/18/07 - "Go to the blacksmith. To forge Bard Armor +5, of course."
06/18/07 - "I bet the king really likes it!"
06/18/07 - "Lute solo!"
06/18/07 - "Realize that you probably aren't qualified to slay a dragon"
06/17/07 - "Next"
06/17/07 - "Next"
06/17/07 - "Next"
06/17/07 - "Sing a ballad about the king's beautiful queen"
06/17/07 - "Keep shining."
06/17/07 - "Shine his shoes."
06/17/07 - "Introduce yourself!"
06/12/07 - "Begin Bard Quest"

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Posted on 26 April 2015 by Andrew

For this stretch, I don't think I'll be doing the midnight updates anymore. At least not midnight EST. It always seems to keep the kids up too late! The kids of the Americas, I mean, which I'm sure represents the majority of the readership. It's always midnight SOMEWHERE, though. Instead I'll probably be updating around the strike of midnight in some European nation, most days. Which nation will it be? It is a fun surprise.

Posted on 22 April 2015 by Andrew

Thank you to Xamag, Adrienne, Ikimaru, Rennie, and Jones for the great A6A6I5 art!!! And also to Toby several years ago for making Moonsetter.


As you can see, it is a pretty swift horse schedule, with a couple of horseless weeks mixed in there. You may recall my mnemonic device for remembering the previous M/W/F schedule of Monhay, Wedsneigh, and Frihorse. Now we can add two more to help you remember, Tuesnort, and Thursclop. I understand this comic can get confusing sometimes, so you are definitely going to need those to help guide you on the rest of this journey.

All pages for the above horses have already been drawn. I still have a batch of pages to draw to round out A6A6I5, but not as many as I have already done. I hope that you like it when characters in stories talk to one another, because there's an awful lot of that to come. Please stand by patiently and enthusiastically as my fake teens sit around bullshitting to the bitter end. Then a bunch of cool stuff will happen, and that will be that!

Posted on 10 April 2015 by Andrew

1) New trailer for Hiveswap! Creeping ever closer to the release of episode one. In case you weren't aware by now, What Pumpkin Studios is developing it. WP is now a gamedev studio which I happen to think is pretty cool. There have been a bunch of Kickstarter updates recently showing progress too. Here are some more links which will help you keep up with game news: Twitter | Tumblr | FB

2) Homestuck returns on April 13th! That's in just a few days. Are you ready? I doubt it, but when has that ever stopped us before. We start with Caliborn's much anticipated masterpiece, running from the 13th-15th. Then regular updates probably resuming a week after that. I haven't decided on the update schedule yet, but when I do it will almost certainly be communicated to you in the only manner which you will tolerate from me, which is more horse calendars. I am thinking of a fairly swift update schedule. A lot has piled up. Over the last month (not counting his 40 page masterpiece, which was done months ago) I have somehow drawn another 400 pages, which is possibly some sort of MSPA record. Be warned, due to that obscene page rate some of these panels are lookin pretty fast and loose! They nevertheless exist, which is usually what matters most for this website. There's still more to draw beyond that to finish off the rest of A6A6I5, which is the final "normal act". But really not too much. We're getting real close here. I will chip away at the remaining panels as I roll out this batch. Then, it's all animation work after that.

3) Paradox Space! 4/13 is the exact one year anniversary of its launch. And as HS resumes, PXS will be pausing for a good while. We actually paused production back in January, and have just been posting from a comic buffer since. This has much to do with shifting priorities heavily to gamedev needs, but I'll explain more about it and the future of PXS in a little while, on that site. But also, there'll be a PXS book coming out soon! It looks very good. Also, if you haven't checked out PXS in a while, now would be a great time, because it's going into its pause on a very strong note. It's been running an incredibly great 51 page story by Zack, Jon, and Shelby. Kudos to all of them. This has easily been one of my faves.

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04/13/15 - "AH YES. MOVIE MAGIC AT IT..."
04/13/15 - "SO I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT I..."
04/13/15 - "LET US BEGIN."

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