You wake up surrounded by highly desirable merchandise. You begin fumbling feverishly for your COIN PURSE. The SHOPKEEPER tells you to hold your horses, there will be plenty of time for that soon. He suggests you take a moment to browse, and wonders if you have any questions.

> Tell me what I can buy, and then give it to me!

The SHOPKEEPER motions toward his chest of EXCEPTIONAL WARES.

Situated 'mongst these wares is a variety of HANDSOME SHIRTS. Why, dressed in this finery a man could strut about town without the typical beleaguered stink of pauper's remorse! Someone's due for a nod from the mayor in the adjacent opera balcony tonight. Methinks that someone is YOU!

Heavens, it appears there is more outstanding freight in tow -- a selection of ENTICING PRINTS! Any scholar athirst for knowledge would be mighty troubled to put his spectacles against a more provacative set of parchments. When some tavern churl wonders what's rolled beneath your frock, you reply that it is a mystery to bend the knees of a God and make glass of His mind. You do not look up from your ale.