You wake up in an awesome website. You are completely alone. There is nothing around you, useful or otherwise.

> Make a donation to the awesome site.

You deposit several SPONDULICKS in the website's TIP FLASK. You suddenly feel enriched by supporting the fine arts. Your PULCHRITUDE swells.

> What does my donation get me?

I'm sorry, I don't know how to "What does my donation get me?"

Suddenly a SWAMP WIZARD appears and tells you what your donation gets you.

If you donate $20 US DOLLARS or more, the author of this website will draw any command you wish!

UPDATE: Sorry, I am not doing custom commands anymore! It was fun while it lasted, but I no longer have time to keep up with them. Donations are still quite welcome though if it is your inclination to make one! Thank you for the support!

All the custom commands I did can be seen here.

To make a donation, please launch the COLLATERAL DISPENSATORY PRESCRIPTUS below. Then procede to manipulate its FISCAL COGS and depress its PECUNIARY BILLOWS to stoke the hearth of the ARCANE LIQUIDITY AGGLOMERATUS. You may then begin smelting your BURSARY SLAG and pour its yield into any COFFER SPRUES you may have gathered.

You can't believe how stupid you are for not understanding that.