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For James.

Starting from this page in Problem Sleuth.

Play a(n) (a)rousing game of Hunk Rump: The Gathering.

You gather to play a friendly card game. Pickle inspector suggests you both go down the chimney and gather at the table.

Ace Dick suddenly gathers to play too.

It is an excellent opportunity for friends to gather when you play Hunk Rump: The Gathering.

The elves catch a glimpse of a firm, plump buttock and they begin to cry.

Sweet Jesus, that buttock. You could ricochet a quarter off that buttock and kill a man where he stands.

You must tap the ASS CARD to deploy one of your mightiest beefcakes, the legendary COPPER SKINNED BRAWNSTUD.

You are having trouble bringing yourself to tap the ASS CARD.

Ace Dick urges you to tap the ASS CARD.

You cannot do it. You cannot tap the ass.